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We Show, Answer and Demonstrate

Anytime Security Locksmiths is able to show you how it works, answer your questions, and spend the time necessary to demonstrate your security systems.

Sometimes money and costs are important. It is important to us, that you have the best solution that fits your budget.

Arrange a time to talk with Kosta about the best solution for your security requirements.

We plan to keep you safe. Everything we do has your safety in mind. When you contact Anytime Security Locksmiths, our first thought is how to best keep you safe.

Once we know your safety is taken care of, we work towards keeping you secure. Security is not about locking you in, it is about keeping others out. Our security systems are designed to keep others out.

You will sleep better at night knowing that systems are in place to keep you safe and secure. Knowing that the best products and systems are in place to keep you safe will help you to sleep better. Knowing you are safe and secure helps us to sleep better.


Residential Services

If you are looking to add security to your home or change the locks for security reasons we can cater to your needs with convenient repairs & quick response times our trained technicians can get your home safe & secure

We only use the highest quality products to comply with your insurance company all our locks are covered under a manufacturer’s guarantee & all new lock installation are warranted for 12 months


our services include but are not limited to.

  • Re keying

Have you just taken possession of a new property? Have you given a set of keys to someone you wouldn’t like to access your home? or have you lost a set of keys or have been the victim of a break in?

we offer a re-keying service to secure your home to eliminate compromised keys from accessing your property. We can also make your existing locks share a common key for your convenience.

  • Locks supplied & fitted

From Deadlatches & Deadbolts to sliding door locks, window locks, garage locks & patio bolts we have a comprehensive range to suit your requirements. We can install locks to meet your insurance needs & to comply with Australian standards.

  • Garage Door Remotes

We cover a wide range of garage remotes and provide a convenient come to you programming service.

  • Repairs

We specialise in repairs for all locks & carry most spare parts to get your house secured. We also do repairs for sliding glass door rollers, replace hinges & patch and paint doors to cover damage/previous locks installed. we can also organise to replace doors.

  • Lock installation

Do you have a lock you need installed? Our trained locksmiths are highly skilled in installing all types of locks from your standard lockset to complex digital locks & mortice locks with handles. Feel free to consult with us for the best mechanical or digital locking solution for your home.

  • Restricted Registered keys

A restricted key allows you to be in control of your keys guaranteeing only you or your nominated persons can make copies. Restricted key systems also provide higher security with the added difficultly of manipulating the lock.

  • CCTV & Alarm installation/Service & access control

Partnering with our affiliated electricians we can provide a complete electronic surveillance and alarm package or access control system.

  • Home fire/ Document safes supplied and fitted

We can supply and install a wide variety of safes for your home. from fire rated safes to laptop and gun safes. If you have a safe of your own, we can help you install that too!

  • Security Surveys

Are you worried about your home’s security? Want to know if your home is compliant with your insurance? Anytime security locksmiths provide Security surveys to check your home for potential security risks.

Commercial Services

Anytime security locksmiths offer a wide range of security solutions & architectural hardware for your business or place of work from restricted high security master key systems, custom security access control & disabled access solutions.

Our technicians are skilled & extensively trained for all your commercial security needs from refurbishments, new construction, commercial fit outs, strata & body corporate buildings ensuring that your property is secured to the highest standard.

our services include but are not limited to

  • Re keying

Re Keying is not only a service offered to our residential customers. Whether you are an owner of a new business, have moved your business to a new location or have simply lost a key. Re keying offers you an affordable option to ensure that your commercial address is as safe as your residential one.

Re keying not only allows you to have peace of mind it also allows you to control what keys you have and whom can have keys i.e. Master keys and Security Keys.

  • Commercial Alarm Systems

No one wants to think about what would happen if you are broken into. Sure, we pay insurances for piece of mind but imagine being able to keep an eye on your business even when you are not there. That is what we call piece of mind. Anytime security Locksmiths can install security systems at your property that will alert you as soon as they have been triggered. It has been researched that commercial and residential buildings with alarm systems fitted are less likely to be targeted by thieves.

  • Master Keys

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes, in some cases buildings can have multiple doors that are all keyed different. Master keying is a fantastic option as it not only lets you reduce the number of keys on your key ring but also gives YOU the control. Master keys also known as security keys offer you peace of mind knowing that employees (unless given access) are strictly not allowed to order keys to be cut, Keys can only be cut with Anytime security Locksmiths to ensure that complete control is left in your hands. Anytime security locksmiths pride ourselves with a high-grade security service and will ensure that your valued business is protected.

  • Commercial Emergency Call Outs

Everybody has bad days; we may lose our keys of forget them on our desk as we close the door behind us but who doesn’t make mistakes, we are all human. Anytime Security Locksmiths are happy to provide a 24/HR service giving you the piece of mind that we are always here to lend a hand. Locksmiths should be reliable, honest and efficient; here at Anytime Security Locksmiths we are only a phone call away ensuring you are assisted no matter the time of day.

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